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John Carmack slams the Meta Door, unhappy with its effectiveness in VR

John Carmack slams the Meta Door, unhappy with its effectiveness in VR

Mark Zuckerberg has lost his technological cool. John Carmack has resigned from his position as Executive Virtual Reality Consultant at Meta.

He was the genius creator of Doom Joined Oculus VR in 2013that was fell into the hands of Facebook the following year. in Facebook shareJohn Carmack explains that he has ‘Divided feelings’ Thanks for the work done by Meta in VR.

John Carmack in 2013. Photo QuakeCon (CC BY)

battery side, Mission 2 is exactly what I wanted to see from the start., He said. Even if he wasn’t really satisfied with the part of the program, he realizes that millions of people enjoy it today.

We have a good product. It could have materialized and been better if other decisions had been made, but we have created something very close to a perfect product.

front side, “The problem is our competence.”says John Carmack, a problem that became intractable for the man who revolutionized video games in the 1990s thanks to new technologies: “When you’ve been working so hard on optimization for most of your life, it breaks your heart to see something so shockingly ineffective.”

“We have a huge number of people and resources, but we are constantly sabotaging ourselves and wasting our efforts.”asserts the engineer, who estimates that the Meta’s VR branch only works half as efficiently as he’d like.

John Carmack bears his share of responsibility for this failure: “I can make myself heard at the highest levels, so I should be able to get things done, but I’m clearly not convincing enough. […] I’ve never been able to stop bad ideas before they cause harm or really set a direction for the team. »

This note of failure the id Software co-founder explains in part by the fact that he wanted to keep his hands dirty, by continuing to code himself, rather than spending his time doing meetings with other Meta executives, an activity that didn’t interest him. for him.

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Despite his harsh criticism of Meta, John Carmack believes that virtual reality can do something for most people, and that no other company is better positioned to make it happen than Mark Zuckerberg’s company. The programmer will now fully devote himself to his startup Keen Technologies, which specializes in artificial intelligence.

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