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Jean-Marc Barnett cracked during an interview with Bonsoir bonsoir

Jean-Marc Barnett cracked during an interview with Bonsoir bonsoir

Comedian Jean-Marc Barnett appears on very few TV shows.

However he agreed to give an interview to Jean-Philippe Wauthier as part of Good evening, But there are still circumstances. should have been” close From where he performed that day. He is walking on stage the star At Broussard, the two men were installed in the parking lot of the Dix-30, no more, no less.

Together they discussed many things, but especially old age, which Jean-Marc Barnett is not easy to accept. ” I’m tired of getting old. My parents left early, so there’s definitely an instant connection He says.

Add : ” I just lost a friend, Claude Saint-Marie, with whom I have ridden motorcycles for 30 years. He left and it really hit me, more than I thought. He was with me in Florida, I sold his land, and he was next to me in the Aztecs. »

He became very emotional when he said these words: And there he left the same thing, it’s scary He says the emotion stifled him.

He’s been in a coma for weeks and his wife called me and said I could talk to him. “He’s there, he’s making jokes,” she says. He said he left at 10 a.m., 12:15 p.m. heart stop “, he continued.

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