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Jay LaFleur # 4 withdrew throughout QMJHL

Jay LaFleur # 4 withdrew throughout QMJHL

The great attacker’s recent health problems cause him to appreciate this long list of much appreciated sign. the flower FineHe said in a videoconference, adding that his last two treatments in his battle against lung cancer had ravaged him of some unpleasant side effects.

A special ceremony will take place during the season to highlight the contribution Blond demon In junior hockey, in collaboration with Team Remparts, the team that made its mark with the iconic number 4 that has always linked it to it. Idol and this is InspirationJean Bellevue.

Meanwhile, he expressed his gratitude to the league and all its teams on Tuesday for this unexpected gesture.

[Les problèmes de santé]It makes you appreciate it more, because usually, accolades, you get when you die, CalfasiLaFleur laughed. I am fortunate to have received all these honors in my life. There are no words to describe it, it’s extraordinary. I have a chance to live in the moment and enjoy it so it’s really, really special, that honor.

As per his habit, he praised his team-mates he had worked with during his young career, Super Elite Players That helped him achieve his goals.

In two campaigns in Quebec, in 1969-1970 and 1970-1971, he collected an astonishing total of 233 goals and 146 assists in 118 season matches.

In 1970-1971, he scored 130 goals, a record only broken by Mario Lemio (133 with Fuzzin de Laval in 1983-1984), as well as helping his team win the Memorial Cup.

We wanted to prove that QMJHL was good, if not better than the Ontario League, and that we have nothing to envy the Western or Ontario leagues, LaFleur recalls. We have reached our goal. There aren’t a lot of French speakers in the NHL, but players have still had massive hits including QMJHL, Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, and stars in their field who have continued to do so. In the NHL. We are proud of that.

Guy LaFleur was selected first in the draft of the National League by Al-Kindi in 1971. He remains to this day the best goalscorer in CH history (1246), ahead of Jean Bellevue (1219) and the brothers Henry (1046) and Maurice Richard (966) ). In Montreal, he won five Stanley Cups, three Art Ross Cups, and two Hart and Coon-Smith Awards. Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1988.

Commissioner Gilles Curto said, even after retiring from professional hockey, LaFleur continued to be a distinguished ambassador for QMJHL. There is consensus on his legacy and his contribution to the development of Dorina, and he withdrew his fourth number in honor of his extraordinary career and achievements.

He is the second player in history to retire from his shirt in the entire league, after Sydney Crosby and 87 famous players, in September 2019.

I look at Sydney Crosby, we’ve removed his number too, I look at Wayne Gretzky, he’s the only one we’ve had his number in the NHL. “I find it extraordinary for leagues to make such a decision for what these players have accomplished,” LaFleur said. For young people, it can act as a source of motivation and inspiration by telling themselves that maybe they too, if they go to play for QMJHL or elsewhere, their number will be pulled.

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Lafleur was named the best player in QMJHL history by a panel of experts during the League’s 50th anniversary celebrations.