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A couple is robbed of $8,000 by a fake postman

A couple is robbed of $8,000 by a fake postman

On January 10, Madeleine Foucault and her partner learned the hard way that the man who appeared before them dressed as a mailman was a fraud. The security camera of the residence in the Vaudreuil-Dorion area captured it all. It's a mistake, he's dressed like a Canada Post postman, and even has a payment device that he shows to Ms. Foucault, explaining to her that she has to pay about $2 by bank card to be able to get the intended message. For his daughter who was on vacation.

With cunning and skill, the fraudster will then replace Ms. Foucault's bank card with another bank card from another financial institution that he will give her, taking care to hide it with a receipt issued by the terminal.

“I went to the bank and there the staff realized that what I had was not my bank card, but the National Bank card,” says Ms. Foucault.

After emptying Ms. Foucault's bank account, the scammer quickly shopped at retailers such as Bestbuy where he purchased gift cards, including Couche-Tard gift cards, according to information obtained by the victim.

She also asked her financial institution to be flexible about this, as Scotiabank would hold her responsible for sharing her PIN, but Ms Foucault believes this is unfair, as it would have been impossible to detect the ruse.

We have contacted Quebec Security who were aware of this fraudulent scheme and confirmed that they are investigating, because the fraud has already been observed in different sectors of Montérégie. According to our information, there are complaints coming from Chateauguay and Salbery-de-Valéfield.

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