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Singer Lizzo is no longer considered the Super Bowl halftime show

Singer Lizzo is no longer considered the Super Bowl halftime show

Lizzo was dropped from selection for the Super Bowl halftime show on Friday amid a series of shocking allegations of sexual harassment and “fat shaming” by the longtime dancers.

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Earlier this month, the 35-year-old pop star, who had previously promoted herself as an activist in body positive thinking, found herself at the center of a sensational scandal when three of her former dancers, Crystal Williams, Noel Rodriguez, and… and Ariana Davis. A lawsuit has been filed against her accusing Lizzo of creating a “hostile work environment”, which she categorically denies.

France Press agency

An NFL employee revealed to on Friday that the backlash to the allegations led the organization to drop Lizzo from consideration for the Super Bowl halftime show.

The move comes because her name was already among the contenders for the 2024 bid.

“The discussion of Lizzo attending the halftime celebrations or playing the national anthem is now dead, surrounded by scandal,” the source said.

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