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It's now or never for Primeau

It's now or never for Primeau

Jake Allen is gone, and Kayden Primeau finally has freedom. But beware! That doesn't mean he has much room for error. The future begins now for the man who officially became Samuel Montembault's second-in-command.

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Primo is no longer what we would call a young player. He will cross the 25-year mark in August.

At this age, players should have reached their full potential.

No matter what anyone says, the same applies to goalkeepers.

Missed opportunity last year

Allen might have been available last summer if Primo had had a good season with the Laval Rocket. Primeau's excellent qualifying performance with the Rocket the previous year gave him reason for hope.

We were right to think that a good season in the American Hockey League would allow him to move to the big club this season. But this did not happen. Primo took a step back.

We know the rest. Kent Hughes couldn't bring Primo back to Laval without having to go on waivers last fall, and he didn't take any risks. Especially since he heard that Primo would definitely be claimed.

When Montembault left two of his friends to take over as starting goalkeeper, he inherited a three-year contract extension. The agreement was fair and equitable to both parties.

With Allen not up to par, it has become impossible for Hughes to trade him. Meanwhile, Primo was often walking between the press box and the end of the bench. This was not the appropriate path for a goalkeeper of his age.

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Fortunately, those days are over. But the real work begins for Primeau. The spotlight will be on him. He has no more excuses. It will be up to him to show his expertise.

Hit or miss.

Savard: We'll see next year

For David Savard, it is good that he stays in Montreal. His reputation is well established. The veteran defender is the type of player that would appeal to any coach. His playing and participation make him an excellent role model for young people.

In addition, he loves Canadian, which is not insignificant.

However, this does not mean that it is untouchable.

Savard will enter next season in the final year of the four-year contract he signed with the Canadiens after helping the Tampa Lightning win the Stanley Cup. He will be 34 years old then.

It will be up to Hughes to evaluate whether or not to offer him another contract.

This is how business works.