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Alpine Skiing World Cup | Michaela Shifrin broke the record for the final victory

With her versatility, consistency, and the way she affected her sport, Mikaela Shiffrin was already considered the greatest female skater in history. Now it’s officially a statistic. The American won with 87H His World Cup career triumph, on Saturday morning in the Ar slalom in Sweden, surpassing the mark set by Ingmar Stenmark in 1989.

Shiffrin didn’t even need to give her best run on her second run, she skated really well to the start. With a 0.69 second lead over Anna Swin Larson, she just had to be herself and make sure she navigated each pole with elegance, precision and elegance.

“I rarely felt satisfied with my ski during the second run, especially since I clearly wanted to win. When you have a leader you have to be smart, but I also wanted to be fast. I skated exactly how I wanted to. It was great,” she explained after the race. She settled in nicely in the oversized boss chair, coordinating with her Oakley sunglasses, Barilla beanie and her Atomic skates.

Photo by Pontus Lundal, AFP

Michaela Schiffrin

Everyone was about to have a good time. Everyone wanted to witness history.

When they reached the bottom of the track, Shiffrin was amazed. Somewhat like with every victory. Despite a slight delay at the top, she still increased her priority, finishing 0.92 seconds ahead of Wendy Holdner. “It’s hard to accept,” she admitted.

As she slid in, the new queen kept her mouth wide open. He closes his mouth and gasps, not knowing what to do with his hands. She ends up sitting on the floor, as she often does, observing the moment. Alone among others.

Photo by Pontus Lundal, AFP

Michaela Schiffrin

Holdner and Swen Larson came to join her. ” You and ***** g unbelievable ! She released Al Suwaidi before he took her in his arms.

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New record

His brother Taylor let himself through the security barriers to grab his younger sister, in full catwalk display. Schiffrin was not expecting it.

“I didn’t even know my brother and sister-in-law were coming,” she said. It makes it even more special! »

Perhaps Shiffrins will not miss this moment for the world. The family prodigy had just rewritten the alpine skiing record book.

Photo by Alessandro Trovati, Associated Press

Michaela Shifrin and her brother, Taylor

The American, who will put out 28 candles in two days, has broken a mark set six years before her birth.

Arguably the greatest female skater of all time, the tall blonde earned her an 87H His victory in 246H race. Which means it has a success rate of 35.3%. This also has 136H Career podium with the equivalent of 55.2%. Stunning numbers that are almost unbelievable and will forever be part of the legend.

The most amazing thing about Shiffrin, and the reason for her respect and appreciation, is her ability to shine and win in all disciplines. Few skiers can take advantage of this versatility. Shiffrin is in all fights and would never have joined Stenmark if she was only focused on technical events, her favorite field.

In her career, she has 53 wins in slalom, 20 in giant slalom, five wins in giant slalom, three in downhill, three in slalom, and two in parallel slalom. Not to mention his seven world championship titles and two Olympic gold medals.

However, the fates of Schiffrin and Stenmark appear to be closely linked. Shiffrin won his first World Cup at 17 on December 20, 2012, also in R.C. Sweden was the home of Stenmark. While the latter scored 86H On February 19, 1989, in Aspen, Colorado, Schiffrin State.

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Another interesting data, the American-Swedish dethroned exactly 13 years after the day after her first appearance in the World Cup, March 11, 2011, when she was only 15 years old.

Historic season

Shiffrin is having one of his best seasons ever. This highly anticipated victory is his 13thH In 28 races this season. Her best is 17 victories in 2019. After her setbacks at the Beijing Olympics last winter, she proved that her defeat should never count.

There are still season finals to be played in Andorra next week, but she’s already achieved her three main goals for 2023: to win the Crystal World Grand Prix, win the giant slalom, and become the most successful skier in the world. With that gain, she’s in a good position to bring the globe back up again in slalom.

When the FIS investigator thanked him for the interview and congratulated him on his victory, Shiffrin asked if she could add anything, before the microphone swept away from her mouth completely. “I just want to thank my team for this season and a whole career. After all these years, it’s amazing and I just want to thank them for everything.”