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“It sucks!”: Montrealers are disgusted with their city

“It sucks!”: Montrealers are disgusted with their city

In the middle of the tourist season, the squalor of Montreal disgusts more than one.

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The state of the city center leaves a lot to be desired due to the mountains of rubbish that can be seen on the sidewalks, overflowing rubbish bins, clothes strewn everywhere and the stench permeating several sectors.

This situation is criticized by many of the citizens interviewed by TVA Nouvelles.

See some of the reactions we collected:

“It’s dirty all the time, especially at night. With restaurant waste, mice are everywhere.

“It’s really a shame when you walk in and see trash on the edge of the street. It’s dirty, it’s messy.”

“This is disgusting! I think it is everyone’s responsibility to make the effort and throw things in the trash and not leave them on the street.”

“It hasn’t been clean since the earthquake. It’s very dirty, especially downtown and a subway. It’s awful.”

The reaction of the opposition and the city

For the city of Montreal opposition, this issue became an embarrassment for all Montrealers.

“What people see when they get to Montreal, especially in the entertainment district and in our tourist areas, is that it’s not a fun city; it’s no longer an inclusive city;

Mayor Valerie Plante’s office responded to TVA Nouvelles in writing, noting that the city has been deploying significant resources to offer a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors and citizens.

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Montreal ensures that teams work hard every day to ensure a clean downtown.

This year, the Ville Mare area’s clean-up budget was increased by $2 million, for a total of $23 million.