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Big crypto investors are being robbed in their homes

Big crypto investors are being robbed in their homes

Canada faces a Escalation in cases of robbery of large cryptocurrency investors. While the country ranks 22nd in the crypto adoption index for String analysisLaw enforcement urges owners Take precautions regarding the protection of their assets.

Major investors burglary from home

in communication Published on July 19, and RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) richmond f Delta Police Department Be warned of an increase in thefts from major crypto investors directly at private residence.

Sergeant Gene Hsieh of the Major Crimes Unit in Richmond says:

“It looks like Someone is targeting these people to steal cryptocurrency from them, which is why we believe it is necessary to issue a warning for the sake of public safety.”

If the investigators do not wish to reveal the identity of the victims or the exact amounts stolen during these robberies, they indicate that this is the case. Limited quantities. Investigations are still ongoing.

According to the information collected by the authorities so far, it appears that A The modus operandi is repetitive. In all identified cases, the criminal pretended to be delivery person or “person in power” In order to get to the victim’s house. The thief will then gain access to isensitive cryptographic information of its victim, once inside their place of residence. the Sergeant Jill Long The Delta Police Investigative Services Division explains:

Looks like the suspects Be aware that victims invest a lot in cryptocurrencyThey know where they live and come to rob their house.”

Time to gather information. Canadian police call on their citizens who have been victims of this type of theft to Report them as soon as possible So investigations can proceed.

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prevention to avoid these criminal acts

He wants to enforce the law reduce occurrence of these cases of theft. To do this, the RCMP press release contains Recommendations “to avoid becoming a victim of criminal acts at home”.

It is first of all not Do not let neither a delivery man nor a person of authority into your home appear unexpectedly. If the person refuses to identify themselves or refuses to leave, the potential victim should Dial 911Secondly, it is about safekeeping of valuables and sensitive information in a safe place.

Then the RCMP recommends that you discuss financial matters only with Trusted people. Therefore, neither in public nor on social networks. The final recommendation encourages a Accurate investment processDeal only with reputable brokers.

In short, the Canadian authorities are calling for Investor alertness encryption in the country. If the police do not communicate about stolen amounts, they also do not communicate about the progress of the investigation. Criminals may still run, So you must be careful For large Canadian owners.

sources: Bloc And Royal Canadian Mounted Police