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"It is time to revive the Entente Cordial between France and the United Kingdom"

“It is time to revive the Entente Cordial between France and the United Kingdom”

Alain Mink (here in 2018). Sebastian Soriano/Le Picaro

Tribune – Despite the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, France and the United Kingdom remain a natural link, strategic and military, says economist and columnist. After Boris Johnson leaves, he argues that the two countries need to renew their relationship.

Alain Mink is a columnist. His latest published work: My life with Marx (Callimard, 2021).

Departure Boris Johnson It opens up a strategic opportunity for France that cannot be missed.

Anglophiles, hurt by Brexit, the French could not get comfortable with a leader they cynically blamed for this sorry divorce. Innumerable grievances have continued to be leveled against the sleazy prime minister: diversions, the Picrocolline fights over fishing, Australian submarines and, Finally A stupid plan to unilaterally and upside down rid yourself of everything International Rules, Irish Code.

This strained relationship obscured a key strategic issue. The United Kingdom has certainly left the EU, but it has not left Europe. Had he wished, he could not: geography, history, commerce, human proximity would have prevented him. Also, you need to find…

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