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Corona vaccine: The European Union wants to significantly tighten export restrictions

EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyen and EU Trade Commissioner Thierry Breton

Theory Monas / Pool / Anatolia Agency via Getty Images

The European Union is tightening export conditions for corona vaccines.

In the relevant draft regulation of the EU Commission available to Business Insider, it states: In the future, EU member states will have to reject exports to countries that have provided adequate vaccines or have not exported any vaccines.

Prior to this decision there was a week-long controversy over delivery issues, especially with manufacturer AstraZeneca in the EU. Most recently, EU researchers found 29 million doses of the estrogen vaccine to be exported from Italy to the UK.

The European Union is introducing stricter rules for the export of corona vaccines. This emerges from the as yet unpublished draft regulation of the EU Commission on Business Insider.

In it, the Commission cites the global shortage of corona vaccines and the ongoing supply problems of manufacturers of these vaccines. In this context, the export mechanism for the corona export mechanism, as determined by the European Union on January 30, is to be provided in addition.

Therefore, the Commission wants to ban the export of corona vaccines to EU member states …

1. … risks fulfilling the supply promises and quantities specified in the agreement between the EU and the manufacturers.

2. … Large quantities of corona vaccine must go to countries and / or contain laws or agreements prohibiting the export of corona vaccines or raw materials to other countries. “This imbalance is leading to supply disruptions in the EU,” the EU Commission order said.

Furthermore, when considering exports of corona vaccines, there are “persistent lack of transparency” by manufacturers in EU member states and “continued restrictions on the production and supply of Govt 19 vaccines within the Union”. The regulation proposed by the commission is due to be discussed at a summit of EU heads of state and government on Thursday. At the time of adoption, it should apply for six weeks.

Business Insider

EU responds to supply dispute with AstraZeneca by tightening exports

The latter two points are to be read primarily as accusations against the British-Swedish manufacturer AstraZeneca. It initially promised to deliver 100 million vaccines to the EU in the first quarter of 2021, but so far only 17 million vaccines have been delivered to the EU. By the end of March it should be 30 million – which is now in jeopardy. Other vaccine manufacturers, such as Johnson & Johnson or Kurewak, also have trouble fulfilling their promises to the EU.

AstraZeneca justifies its distribution problems with production problems in Europe. However, the EU is angry that the manufacturer is exporting vaccine quantities made in the EU to other countries, such as the UK. Analysts sent on behalf of EU Trade Commissioner Thierry Breton have found 29 million Astrogenogen vaccine levels in a bottle plant near Rome. According to ZDF, these are intended for export to Great Britain.

The EU has already exported about 10 million doses of corona vaccine to the UK, which is refusing to export corona vaccines to the EU. The situation is similar with the United States: the European Union has exported one million doses of vaccine to the United States, but has not received a single drug from there. Tightening of export restrictions on corona vaccines from the EU, which has just begun, is aimed specifically at Great Britain and the United States.

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