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Israel and the UAE are teaming up to perfect quantum computing

This research was conducted with funding from the Israel Science Foundation

A project led by a group of researchers from Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, in collaboration with the TII – Quantum Research Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is advancing quantum computing by improving the core computation performance of a superconducting quantum processor.

The improved qubit, called a “tunable superconducting flux qubit,” is a micron-sized superconducting ring in which electric current can flow clockwise, counterclockwise, or in superconducting qubits in both directions.

These characteristics will allow the computer to be faster and more powerful than a regular computer. In order to exploit the potential speed, a quantum computer must run several hundred qubits simultaneously without them inadvertently interfering with each other.

As an alternative technology to what is found in quantum processors today, superconducting flux qubits have several important advantages: first, they are very fast and reliable; Second, it may be easier to fit many qubits into a processor than it is with currently available technology.

Georges Jobet/AFPwoman in front of the computer

Comparing a quantum computer to a piano, Dr. Michael Stern, of the Department of Physics and the Quest Center at Bar-Ilan University, said: “Imagine that you want to play a certain note on the piano, but you accidentally and simultaneously play a number of keys, because the distance between the keys is not large enough. He explained that one of the main advantages of qubit broadcasting is that the “pianist” can always produce the sound he wants thanks to the important separation of the “keys”.

Nicholas Asfouri/AFP
Nicholas Asfouri/AFP

To stay with the piano analogy, a technological complication that streaming qubits faced until recently was the difficulty in controlling and changing their “tone”. It was virtually impossible to change the frequency of a qubit stream without destroying its coherence. This research was conducted with funding from the Israel Science Foundation (ISF).

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