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Pontarlier. Carmina Burana and the folk song in Espace Burney

The famous cantata composed by Karl Orff can be seen on 29 and 30 April at the Espace Burney in Pontarlier. A festive show with the vocal ensembles ARS Nova and Bleu comme la Lune, as well as the Interregional Grand Choir, under the direction of Dylan Samuel and Renata Cote-Szopny.

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Oh fortune, fat and fat! From the first bars, you tremble under the moon and on your seats, Burnie’s mortal brethren, but you’ll do it against misfortune… Good choruses! Carmina Burana is here!

Be aware that the poster promises to be lavish on two musical performances masterfully led by Dylan Samuel and Renata Kott-Szubny. A cultural event where joy, strength and variety reign supreme, where medieval Latin rhymes harmonize with earlier German, where celebration is celebrated even to fainting, the wine of life and the beauty of spring, the games of seduction and love intoxication, the recklessness of the seeker, the freedom of the tramp and the sad fate… roast duck!

In the credits of Carmina Burana

For this show the vocal ensembles include ARS Nova, Bleu comme la Lune, the Interregional Grand Choir and its 140 singers from Haut-Doubs, Gex, Arbois, Besançon, Switzerland and Paris.

There will also be soloists Aniana Malalaharisoa (coloratura soprano), Christian Joël (tenor) and Matthias Geissbühler (baritone); pianists Stéphane Jannard and Chloe Cerventi; Percussionist Joel Chabaud and musicians at the Rhythm Center de la Côte (Switzerland)

And the folk song at the opening

The beautiful discovery of this first part: “Where do you come from folk song?” Directed by Renata Cott-Szubny and choreographed by Laurent Petitine, the 35 children’s choir of the Maison de quartier des Pareuses de Pontarlier presents you with a program of traditional and current tunes: heritage from a country Their family origin, which thus signifies the culmination of a work with a multicultural and intergenerational dimension.They will also sing Carmina Burana’s “Tempus est jucundum”: “Time is happy”!

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Espace Pourny: Saturday, April 29 (8 p.m.) and Sunday, April 30 (5 p.m.). Prices: €25 or €20 (not numbered), €15 for children under 15, free up to 6 years old. Ticket office: Pontarlier Tourist Office, on site or book online at