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Islamization.  English football stadiums during Ramadan [Vidéo]

Islamization. English football stadiums during Ramadan [Vidéo]

The Islamization of the United Kingdom is not new. However, it can be seen more easily during Ramadan.

In March 2023, to celebrate the start of the Muslim month of fasting, for the first time in history, lights representing Islam were installed in the West End, a tourist district in central London.

Unsurprisingly, on the streets of the British capital Redecorated Ramadan 2024 in Ramadan colors this March. But this demonstration of the progress of Islam across the Channel did not stop there…

Football stadiums where Iftar is celebrated

When we talk about Ramadan, we must also talk about Iftar. The word refers to the meal Muslims eat every evening at sunset during the fasting month of Ramadan.

In a country where soccer brings out passions, we can read like this On the AFC Wimbledon Club website (plays in the British Fourth Division) It will, for the first time, host Iftar at its ground on Wednesday, March 20.

The event is hosted by a club speaker, and several speakers are expected to talk about football and Ramadan, before prayers, followed by food distribution.

The origin of the project is the “Ramadan Tent Project”, a charity that brings together Muslim communities in British territory with the aim of “spreading the spirit of Ramadan through various initiatives”.

Including this “Open Iftar”: event organized since 2013 across the channel It brought together more than a million people across the country “Britain's most iconic cultural venues including the Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Stadium and Trafalgar Square”.

Islamic prayer times in London train station

As for English football grounds, Wimbledon is the only one not to open its doors to Muslim coaches.

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Manchester City's Etihad Stadium is one of several venues chosen to host Ramadan events, with the others being Brentford's Zitec Community Stadium, Blackburn's Ewood Park and West Bromwich's The Hawthorns.

But the list is not complete: Aston Villa club also seems very happy to open its stadium for Ramadan…

And while we're on the subject of football, let's remember that in 2023, referees in the United Kingdom were asked to have Muslim players interrupt Premier League matches in the evening rather than their Ramadan fast.

Finally, this English-style Islamization has also affected London's King's Cross station in recent days. One of the screens on the start board at King's Cross is occupied by a quote from the Prophet Muhammad and Islamic prayer times.

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