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Is the multiverse real?  – Thoth Corsus

Is the multiverse real? – Thoth Corsus

Physics loves to undo the preconceptions we have about our world. It has been said for a long time that the Earth is the center of the world until astronomers realized that this was not true. After that, we thought our solar system was unique. Here again, cosmologists have debunked this impression with very concrete observations. Will the next certainty to be demolished be the singularity of our universe?

Popular culture has exploited the idea of ​​a multiverse in order to play on the concept of possibilities, with heroes turning into villains or vice versa. Now, is this theory valid? At the present time, there is nothing to confirm this with certainty. Some theses in physics would support the idea of ​​a multiverse. The idea of ​​infinity, which our mind finds difficult to comprehend, can justify everything. The following image is often used: If we had an infinite number of monkeys over an infinite period of time, one of them could completely rewrite Hamlet. Of course, the percentage is very small, but it exists.

The second theory is the theory of eternal inflation. The Big Bang was an unleashing of crazy cosmic energy. What remains is excess energy, which physicists call “vacuum energy.” However, nature abhors a vacuum, and so this massive inflation of the universe has led to an expansion that could lead to the creation of other universes. It's a bit like bread dough that rises and makes holes in certain places. Moreover, this type of replication appears in several natural areas in the same way, for example, in living cells.

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Finally, the values ​​of fundamental constants raise many questions. We know that gravity responds to an exact equation as does the speed of light. However, physicists cannot understand how these numbers are produced.

Is it just a coincidence or the act of a divine being? Or is it, as some think, a series of clone universes, meaning that some have the right conditions to accommodate life, planets and stars and others do not? There is still a lot of work to be done to prove this multiverse. Maybe the future will reveal that we all have duplicates in parallel universes who have made different choices or live in alternate universes?

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