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A discreet novelty, but safer to approach

A discreet novelty, but safer to approach

The WhatsApp beta on iPhone shows that this version of the app will soon test passkeys, as is already the case on Android. These access keys promise to make logging into your account easier while making the process more secure.

Day by day, WhatsApp keeps improving by adding new features here and there. The thing that concerns us today is to enhance the security of your app if you are using it on iPhone. In fact, the pass switches are fast approaching.

A little reminder. Passkeys – access keys in French – are generally intended to rid us of passwords that are deemed less reliable over time. These keys are managed directly by your device, locally, from your biometric data (facial recognition, fingerprints). For a while, giant companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have been pushing this tool to provide better protection for sensitive data.

For its part, WhatsApp has already brought passkeys to the Android version of its service. In the app, concerned users can go to Settings > Account > Access Keys. The messaging service then presents this tool as “A simple way to connect securely “.

You can now use your fingerprint, facial recognition, or screen lock to identify yourself with a passkey. Your access keys are securely stored in your password manager.

Passkeys for WhatsApp on iPhone

However, this is exactly what people using WhatsApp from iPhone should be able to do soon. This is what the specialized site reveals WABetaInfo. A new release in TestFlight beta adds this functionality.

Configure a passkey (access key) on WhatsApp for iPhone // Source: WABetaInfo

We are also entitled to a screenshot that proves that the WhatsApp teams are working on developing this new section of the application where users will be able to configure their passkey to access their accounts. There is no longer a need to receive a six-digit code that you then have to enter into the app to log in to your account.

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WABetaInfo Unfortunately the publication date cannot be provided to the general public, but everything indicates that this new option will arrive quickly through the WhatsApp update for iPhone.