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iPhone: New features that will arrive with the new update

iPhone: New features that will arrive with the new update

Since Wednesday evening, the third iOS 17 beta is being offered to developers who have installed the new iPhone update.

More than a month after the release of the first beta of iOS 17 intended for developers and after the second update introduced fifteen days later, Apple is back with a third beta. Rich in visual novelties, it takes another step towards what iOS 17 will definitely look like when it finally gets released next fall.

The third iOS 17 beta, available since Wednesday evening, focuses on Apple Music, the Home app, but also the Health app. Let’s look at it.

  • Apple Music is now honoring musicians, composers, and other songwriters with a tab dedicated to them. When playing music, menu “…” It now has a tab “Scenery credits”referring to the full list of musicians.

  • The Photos app changes slightly in the Recently Deleted Media section with changed tabs. Now, if you press the “…” at the bottom of the screen without selecting a photo, you have two options “take it all back” or “delete all”. The principle is the same if you select one or more brokers.

  • In the Health app, there are also some changes, particularly in the menu related to emotions and mental well-being. The colors have been changed as well as the buttons and the background.

  • Once you launch the Home app after the update, you will see an information popup with what’s new. Extension activity history, information design change, new widgets on the home screen, the app is now much richer.
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  • Finally, the camera settings have also been tweaked somewhat, with the arrival of depth control. “Keeps the depth setting for Portrait, Portrait, and Cinema mode instead of resetting it automatically”as Apple says in the listing.

All of these new features are already available to those who have installed the iOS 17 developer beta. As for the public beta, it should arrive sometime next week, as rumors suggest on Monday, July 10.

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