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iPhone is finally compatible with Google Messages (RCS) thanks to an app

iPhone is finally compatible with Google Messages (RCS) thanks to an app

An app provides support for the Remote Control System (RCS) used by Android. It’s the end of simple SMS for contacts between Android and iPhone.

Messages from Android appear in a green bubble on iMessage // Source: MKBHD

Apple has its own iMessage service for iPhone users only, Google has an open standard with Google Messages based on mobile operator support with RCS. In either case, it is about improving SMS with more modern functionality, by allowing to send pictures, reply by emoji, encrypt messages, etc.

If Google is a big supporter of technology, Apple sees it as a competitor to its own service and hobbles its four irons to make its iPhone compatible. It must be said that the company has never been a big fan of concepts of interoperability or compatibility with products other than its own. Yes, make life easier for its users, but not if it goes against the company’s portfolio.

Fortunately, a third-party app now lets you do what Apple doesn’t want you to do.

Albuffer enters the ring

spotted before Android AuthorityBeeper for iPhone is officially compatible with RCS and Google Messages. It finally allows us to imagine a world where everyone has access to the same functionality in the same service: iPhone users on Beeper, Android users on Google Messages.

The app is still in beta, and some functions are missing. Developers point out, for example, that history may not sync properly, or that acknowledgments are not managed in group chats.

Registration for Beeper is still on hold at the moment. So you have to be patient to get there. Beeper is an app that brings together all messaging services. It promises to support WhatsApp, Meta Messenger, Instagram, Discord, etc. An ambition that Europe can facilitate from 2024.

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