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It really is an Apple Watch with real hands!

It really is an Apple Watch with real hands!

  • Someone removed the screen from the Apple Watch to replace it with real hands
  • The YouTube video shows that the processing is rather complicated
  • The concept will cost around 320 euros

A clever man had fun disassembling the Apple Watch Series 1 to remove the screen and replace it with real hands. The latter comes from another very classic watch, for added realism. The process will be discovered in detail on the creator’s YouTube channel, in a long video of no more than thirty minutes.

In particular, we discover how to install the traditional contact mechanism covered with transparent glass, which makes it possible to leave the small components involved clearly visible. This process is particularly delicate, but the Apple Watch’s stainless steel case has held up well. Today, there are also titanium and aluminum models.

Modified Apple devices, that’s not what’s missing

This adaptation of the Apple Watch is not without repeating many other similar concepts. We remember, for example, the company Elo, which managed to make the iMac G3 touch. However, it is not surprising that the idea was not persuasive enough to conquer the general public.

Tweak-wise, we’re also thinking of a recent iPhone case inspired by iBook laptop design. Again, we’re treated to a demonstration in pictures of the way to achieve this result. Be careful though, as modifications to Apple devices can void the warranty. The manufacturer offers a guide to fixing iOS mobile phone by yourself, but this guide is very long and the tools to implement it are rather expensive.

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Questionable value for money

In addition, the creator of the personal Apple Watch explains that the model, which is sure to work, will require him to pay a tidy sum of about three hundred and twenty euros (at the current exchange rate). For comparison, the second generation Apple Watch SE today costs only 299 euros for the base model.

many default dials (watch faces) with the update to watchOS 10. This should be available in the final version next month, for Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Series 7 — among others. – the official app

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