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Need for Speed ​​2022 will have a certain art style according to Jeff Group

Need for Speed ​​2022 will have a certain art style according to Jeff Group

The next Need for Speed ​​element is provided with new media elements coming from Jeff Grubb, which one can consider reliable.

Just a week ago, Jeff Group He was already broadcasting about the following need for speed. In this latest revelation, New General Consoles exclusives announcedAnd PS5 And Xbox Series So. Since then, he has taken an interest in his program (Grubbsnax), some of whose observations have been reported by VGC – To the technical bias that will be adopted by the next episode.

“Realistic style with cartoon elements”

According to Grubb’s words, the title was developed by standard With Codemaster Cheshire (MotorStorm) Help It will suggest a drawing style realistic. However, it will not be without, as we say, elements of eccentricity. Among the decorations that are close to reality, various cartoon-worthy effects will also be presented. This is what he says about her:

The picture will be realistic, but it will also contain elements of animation. Do you know when you see an advertisement for a car or something and drive the car, but the flames and the cartoon stuff come out of it? This is the kind of aesthetic they are looking for.

Return of old features

Other information was also conveyed by the journalist. First, regarding the characteristic city: named Lakeshore Citywill be imaginary and “close to the real representation” of Chicago. Next, Grubb mentioned the return of some multiplayer features popular with users from previous games, such as subjective from hot pursuit for example. The same would be true for car customization.

Autolog is back for multiplayer, you can customize all parts of your car, it’s back.

Now it only belongs to EA and Standard Whether content will be given for statements made or not. It certainly wouldn’t take long, especially if Grubb’s prediction for this fall’s release came true.

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