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iOS 17 will have new features that are long awaited by users

iOS 17 could be a more important update than expected. Mark Gurman today retracted his January prediction that the next major OS release would focus on bug fixes and performance improvements. Apple would then do it again for Mac OS X Snow Leopard (2009), which polished the previous version of Mac OS — to appease users tired of bugs.

To be honest, many were already happy with this intrinsic, not necessarily visible of course, but life-saving act of tightening the iOS screws. But voyeur bloomberg finally declare in the news That Apple was going to change its strategy: iOS 17 (codenamed “Dawn”) should finally integrate the expected major new features.

Gurman doesn’t dwell on these new features unfortunately, but we know — or think we know — that iOS 17 will lay the foundations for a system that allows apps to be installed outside of the App Store, as required by the European DMA.

Bloomberg says Apple will allow apps to be installed outside of the App Store

However, you shouldn’t expect anything amazing like lock screen customization. ” The goal of the program is to check several boxes in the list of features most requested by users Gorman writes. Tell us what you want to see in iOS 17!

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