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AI: Ping, draw me a sheep

First introduced to the public in 2021, DALL-E, the image generation artificial intelligence, has been brought to Bing.

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sArtificial intelligence has been at the forefront of the stage in recent months, mainly due to the very rapid arrival of chatbots in our search engines. Led by Microsoft, which integrated ChatGPT into its Bing browser a few weeks ago, Google has just made Bard, its chatbot, available in the USA and UK.

But there is another sector in which AI is making a stunning entry: image generation. Creating an image from scratch has never been easier. This week Microsoft integrated the latest version of DALL-E, an image generator built by OpenAI to which we already owe ChatGPT, into BING searches. The tool is within everyone’s reach. At present, the use of artificial intelligence is limited to the English language, and it is able to produce four images in a few seconds at the request of a netizen. Access is not without asking questions.

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