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Microsoft has launched a new version of Bing on iOS, Android and Skype

Microsoft Spear bing Powered by AI and Microsoft Edge for mobile, and unveils Bing integration for skype. The Bing mobile app, available on iOS and Android, brings a fresh new look and experience, according to Youssef MahdiMicrosoft Corporate Vice President and Director of Consumer Marketing. Clicking the Bing icon at the bottom will call up a chat session, where one can participate in the same way from the desktop. You can ask simple or complex questions and receive answers and quotes. You can choose how you want to display the answers: bullet points, text, or simple answers.

With the launch of the Bing mobile app, Microsoft is also adding voice recognition support on mobile and desktop devices. In addition, users with access to the Bing preview experience will be able to access the chatbot in the Microsoft Edge mobile app.

In addition, Microsoft is also bringing AI-powered Bing to Skype. More than 36 million people who use Skype every day will now be able to add Bing to their group conversations and have the chatbot answer questions and provide information for the entire group. Bing will also act as a dedicated AI assistant for chat participants.

The AI-powered Bing for Skype is available globally for users who are already enjoying the preview experience starting today. Microsoft said it also hopes to bring the new Bing to other communication apps, including Teams, in the future.

source: iPhone in Canada

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