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iOS 16.4 adds the same number format setting as in macOS

iOS 16.4 adds the same number format setting as in macOS

As one iPhone user noted on redditThe latest beta version of iOS 16.4 added a tweak that has been on macOS for years and was not previously introduced on Apple mobile devices. Now you can change the number format, which was previously based on the choice of region. The system always suggests the “correct” format based on your region, but you can choose another if you wish.

New number format setting in iOS 16.4 second beta.

This new setting is available in the Settings app, then in the General section and finally in the Language & Region section. The new option called Number Format will be visible after installing iOS 16.4 and will present three different options on my iPhone in France:

  • 1,234,567.89 (default): thousands separated by spaces and the decimal point after the comma, This is the standard format in France ;
  • 1,234,567.89: thousands separated by a comma, decimal point after a period, standard, especially in North America ;
  • 1,234,567.89: thousands separated by periods, decimal point after comma, Classification exists in several European countries.

Although the majority of users will never need to change this setting, it is always a good idea to have it on hand for exceptional cases. And then, macOS has been introducing it for a long time, it is only natural for iOS to line up.

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