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IndieBox – Roof Top Renegade Move over there’s nothing to see

IndieBox – Roof Top Renegade Move over there’s nothing to see

With the indie box, the entire XboxSquad editorial team brings you mini reviews of very few or featured indie games. While some aren’t worth emerging from the shadows of the Xbox Marketplace, others may be worth a look. That’s the whole topic of this section.

rooftop rebel hunt for the same. that’s enough poor in content Because it only has 24 levels and local multiplayer mode. The title may have been inspired by Ole Ole or Trials. However, it ranks much lower.

So we race to achieve the best possible time. However, unlike its big siblings, there is no limitation on how long it takes to get the highest score. So we connect the tracks at random. Thus the title fails to instill this desire for self-transcendence.

I haven’t tested local multiplayer but it looks like it’s 1vs3 where the three who aren’t running shoot the scene to annoy the person who’s running… In short, rooftop rebel Soft and plenty in the rough to deserve attention.

I liked:

I regret:

  • Individual races only
  • Multi-chamber vibrating
  • few tracks
  • There is no possibility of knowing the winning times

Indy Box – sCATch: The Painter Cat, Striking in Color

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