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Inflation: Are Quebecers’ travel and leisure habits changing?

Inflation: Are Quebecers’ travel and leisure habits changing?

With the arrival of cold weather, a warm holiday has become more tempting for Quebecers.

CAA Quebec surveyed its members and although the economic context is uncertain, nearly half are planning to take a trip outside the province in the next year.

“We feel strongly that inflation is having an impact on the travel sector,” explains David Marcel, spokesman for CAA Quebec. “Those who won’t take trips outside of Quebec, it’s mainly for budgetary reasons.”

For those who still decide to go on an adventure, Mr. Marcel believes they will embrace the changes and “adapt.”

He posits: “We will cook more food once we reach our destination, we will be more stable, we will reduce the number of trips per year, and the majority of people will fit everything into one trip.” “Travel remains a luxury product and, for many people, it is not a priority.”

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However, 46% of people surveyed intend to elope within the next 12 months, according to Mr Marcel.

“Those who decide to leave anyway will reduce their activities,” estimates a CAA Quebec spokesperson. “There are also many people who extend their business journey to also make it their personal journey.”

Quebecers look to rescue

If many people give up travel, others go so far as to give up local activities.

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A recent study conducted by Action Québec revealed that more than half of Quebecers plan to reduce their activity practices due to rising prices.

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Even if people are more concerned with their budget, some activities like downhill skiing or tubing are still popular with Quebecers.

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“The craze for snow sports has been felt over the past three years, perhaps due to the pandemic,” explains José Cosson, marketing director of the Quebec Ski Resorts Association. “People love to do winter sports during the winter.”