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Infertility: Exposure to pesticides harms sperm

Infertility: Exposure to pesticides harms sperm

Lead author Melissa J. Perry, a public health researcher at George Mason University, along with colleagues at Northeastern University, conducted a systematic review of the global literature on the effects of pesticides on fertility: “Understanding how pesticides can affect fertility and particularly pesticide concentrations.” . Sperm in men is essential due to its ubiquitous presence in the environment and already documented risks to reproduction.

the study is a meta-analysis of nearly 50 years of published data on the health effects of exposure to two common classes of pesticides, organophosphates and methyl carbamate. The analysis determines:

  • There are consistent associations between exposure to these substances and decreased sperm concentration;

  • These associations help explain the downward trend in sperm quality observed by other recent studies.

This review, the most comprehensive review to date on male fertility and reproductive health, calls for doing just that The researchers concluded that urgent regulatory measures are needed to reduce exposure to pesticides.

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