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According to Claude Begin, Clodelle will not leave the OD in the West to join him

According to Claude Begin, Clodelle will not leave the OD in the West to join him

Thursday evening time double occupationWe treated an evening full of emotions like Claude Begin Came to surprise her ex-fiancéAnd the beautiful Claudella, in western Canada And singer burning tears He certainly was not indifferent. Nor are we.

Although Clodelle seems to have some semblance of a relationship with Alexander to me OD in the West, when Claude Beguin aroundWell, that’s an entirely different story. She says it herself, with plenty of “ I still think about my ex “Based on” I want to leave And for our part, we feel like we’re watching a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck. (Yes, yes, we went there!)

The idea here isn’t to be selfish, but to have our say: We would have liked Claude and Claude to kiss during Thursday night’s episode. We even appreciated that our favorite candidate left Western Canada in the arms of her Prince Charming.

Well, let’s get back to reality, and forgive us for sharing our heresy with you.

Thursday evening our colleagues at home night out We ran a survey on their Instagram account and the question was: “ Do you think Claudel will leave the adventure to find Claude? »

Credit: Instagram Nightlife

Although many of us were under the impression that yes, beautiful Clodelle would pack her bag and leave with her ex-fiancé, along with Claude Beguin, that’s an entirely different story.

in survey night outAnd Musician and former participant in Celebrity Big Brother to elect” Non ».

Credit: Instagram Nightlife

However, this does not mean that the probability of love between Claude and Claudel is zero. Who knows, maybe the model wants to live her adventure to the fullest and that when she returns to Quebec, she will marry Claude Beguin and the two lovebirds will have a reality TV show of this nature in newlyweds that appeared Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey!

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talking there.

In short, only time would tell if the ancient flames would meet again. In the meantime, we listen to Clodelle songs repeat.