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In the United Kingdom, the sensitivity of the use of national surveillance is discussed

In the United Kingdom, the sensitivity of the use of national surveillance is discussed

Update 2/08 – There is the English Ministry of Health Notice There are fewer contact cases of asymptomatic users who test positive as the application is reviewed. In detail, the app will prevent contact cases encountered in the two days prior to the test, instead of five days. Therefore, there is no question of reducing the sensitivity of the software, but the development to reduce the number of announcements and therefore the number of voluntary isolations that weigh on the economy.

Original article, 07/26 – If TousAntiCovid application is completed To discuss In France, the problem is unprecedented across the channel. The government-created communication tracking solution is said to be somewhat sensitive … to the point of turning it off for fear that users will be pushed into self-isolation.

Image: NHS

The number of announcements promoting isolation has exploded since the gradual removal of health restrictions, and the media has already found a name for the event: “Pingtemic”. In case of prolonged contact with the person carrying the covit, use NHS (Public Health Organization) Users should be isolated for up to 10 days. More than half a million people were ordered to isolate themselves in the first week of July, a number never seen before. The move worries everyone, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also gone through the isolated box.

But these announcements are a problem this holiday season. The UK is coming out of a long month of restrictions To elevate Recent health restrictions such as wearing a mask. So the British are reluctant to lock up the summer. It’s hard to go to sea if one of the housemates has to be alone and not have to rearrange their vacation.

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The consequences of this “pingemic” economy are that it is forced to isolate workers from all sectors. The Icelandic big box chain had to close some stores after “pinging” some employees. The medical sector is just as affected as the transport sector, which leads to distribution problems. For Independent, “Pingthemia” will now slow the economic recovery .

Therefore, the sensitivity of the application is questionable. Richard Walker, Managing Director of Iceland Supermarket Chain, Announced : We find ourselves in an unprecedented situation where stores have to close due to lack of staff – not due to Govt-19, but due to incorrect and disruptive monitoring usage .

There are also some delegates Arguments The program’s detection system will force the isolation of individuals who are at low risk of contamination. Decreased sensitivity to use is currently being discussed because some consider it to be very inaccurate and generate many false positives. In addition, it also notifies those who have been vaccinated, which has disrupted surveillance in numerous UKs to avoid the risk of isolation.

As for the government, we need to act quickly. Or by reducing the scope of use, it will be less effective. By keeping the status quo, even if some users uninstall the app. A difficult choice, which will undoubtedly be part of its dissatisfaction.