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In the United States, crypto banking attracts non-residents

In the United States, crypto banking attracts non-residents

The US Federal Reserve is interested in the profile of cryptocurrency users.

Whom Americans buy Cryptocurrencies And how do they use them? For the first time, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) has examined the question of “the economic well-being of American households in 2021” in its annual study dedicated to the economic health of American households.

Serious studies in this regard are still rare. Despite the very small sample – only 12% of Americans owned or used cryptocurrencies in the previous year – some findings are interesting. While buying cryptocurrencies is something that relatively “beneficial” families want to diversify their savings, it is very common for low-income families to use them as a means of payment, often far removed from the banking system.

In 2021, the majority of digital currency holders will buy them with an investment perspective. Only 2% of them claim to have bought or paid for something using cryptocurrency.

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