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In Evreux, the co-working space of the former Banque de France should open “in the fall”

In Evreux, the co-working space of the former Banque de France should open “in the fall”

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An escape game project is being set up in the vaults of the former Banque de France in Évreux. © SL / La Dépêche d’Evreux

new space from joint work In the city center of Evreux (Eure). This is a project launched by Rodolphe Durand, owner Rotation, in Louviers and supported by EPN. He explained that “the Bank of France wanted to sell its headquarters and agglo was looking for an original project.” Stephanie AugerVice President of the Department Council in charge of employment during road signs Eureka in Evreux, Thursday 25 May 2023.

The last signing was last week. The department of Évreux has not yet had such a space in the city center, close to the station and easily accessible by car thanks to its proximity to the Bel-Ipat car park “, welcomed the elected official. Its area is about 2500 m2Freelancers or companies will be able to rent 35 offices in open spaceHourly, half-day or full-day, as well as meeting or seminar rooms.

Bank of France - Evreux
35 offices will be available for rent in the future open space of La Filature d’Evreux. © SL / La Dépêche d’Evreux

Escape game in the safe

An entire floor can also be rented by the company. the joint work It will also include two dining rooms as wellBalcony overlooking the gardens from the Bank of France. Old archives can be rented for storage, while the projectescape room Studying about the old safe.

Bank of France - Evreux
The upper floor, where the former office of the Director of the Bank of France is located, will be rented to a single housing company. © SL / La Dépêche d’Evreux

“The idea is to preserve the history of the building, which was built in 1866, while bringing it up to standard,” says Céline Gilois of La Villatour. We have bought furniture from the Banque de France so that they will stay put. We also have Many archive photos that we wish to display. »

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The site can be visited during Heritage Days. The opening, which has already been postponed, has been scheduled for the fall.

Bank of France - Evreux
The former archives of the Banque de France in Évreux may be rented for corporate storage purposes. © SL / La Dépêche d’Evreux

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