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After opening its first tobacco-free space, the municipality of Ecaussinnes is determined to develop the initiative elsewhere.

After opening its first tobacco-free space, the municipality of Ecaussinnes is determined to develop the initiative elsewhere.

Tobacco control and reduction is crystallizing in Ecosenes as Aldroman of Health, Veronique Sgalari, is determined to double the spaces labeled as tobacco-free. A first stone was laid in the building on Wednesday during the inauguration of Espace Philomène’s outdoor spaces. These spaces are indeed the first to obtain this classification that the municipality aspires to. Young and old alike will have an important place in this project, which will aim to include as many services as possible to maximize its impact.

The tobacco-free spaces of Espace Philomène were inaugurated with the motto “I prefer blowing bubbles over smoke”. The municipality of Ecaussinnes has been able to benefit from the support of the Générations sans tabac and the Health Observatory to carry out its work. “It is necessary for us to create non-smoking areasIn the words of Véronique Sgallari.Our desire is really to avoid underestimating tobacco, whose harmful effects it is no longer necessary to prove. In addition to harming health, cigarette butts also harm the environment by contributing to its pollution. So we really wanted to eliminate tobacco use from an early age.

To raise awareness among young people, two schools will be able to take full advantage of the outdoor spaces at Espace Philomène. “We work with the schools of Odénat Bouton and Saint Remy to raise awareness from an early age. Students can then make use of the educational vegetable garden. A small fruit tree area, flowering lawns or even nesting boxes will also make it possible to work for biodiversity. The space is located between Espace Philomène and the nursing home. Thus, the residents of the latter will be able to fully come and benefit from the existing facilities.Véronique Sgallari continues.

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A project that therefore includes schools, nursing homes for the elderly, as well as people with disabilities. The AmisMobil Association will also be able to enjoy these spaces. “The arrangements are specifically designed to allow people in chairs to come and enjoy the buildings. Some topics are taboo just because they are not talked about. So we want to talk about everything and get everyone involved so that no one is left behind.Veronique Sgalari explains.

An act that clearly flatters the people of Ecaussinnes whose reactions were very positive on Wednesday during the inauguration day. Some smokers were also able to take advantage of the stands available on site to try and quit smoking. To stop tobacco use being reduced more effectively, other tobacco-free places need to emerge next. “Our desire is to continue the initiative at the level of youth centers, nurseries, playgrounds and other public spaces in Ecaussinnes. By doubling down on places, we can really influence future generationsVeronique Sgallari concludes.

It should be noted that the grain library, also now available, makes it possible to advance this desire to raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco from an early age. This space also sees people of all ages wandering around, determined to create their own little vegetable garden at home. And what else give birth to invitations!