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In Australia, RoboDebt scandal catches former prime minister – freed

In Australia, RoboDebt scandal catches former prime minister – freed

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Former manager Scott Morrison was accused of setting up a faulty computer system. Half a million Australians had to repay social benefits unnecessarily.

A “A blatant betrayal and a human tragedy”. The tone used by Labor’s Anthony Albanese, Australia’s prime minister, is serious and emphatic at the height of emotion in the country over the RoboDebt (pronounced “robo-debt”) scandal. This government computer program has sent refund requests to nearly 500,000 Social Security recipients over the years. Unsubstantiated claims, insecure housing, have confused the retired, unemployed or students.

Conservative Scott Morrison admitted responsibility for the administration in 2020, leading to a lengthy court battle before the previous government to offer vague apologies and compensation to victims. This Friday, July 7, the Royal Commission of Inquiry (since Australia’s head of state is the King of England) submitted its 900-page report, the largest for the ruling party at the time. Kathryn Holmes, the commission’s reporter, said a report was sent to federal officials. “Recommends referral of people to justice in civil and criminal cases”. However, without mentioning their identity, “without prejudice to the conduct of any civil action or future criminal case”.

The main suspect, however, is known to all. They are the former leader of the government, Scott Morrison, a radical conservative, a subscriber to scandals, and

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