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Canada soon overtakes England in COVID-19 vaccine race

Canada soon overtakes England in COVID-19 vaccine race

Canada beat the United States over the weekend in the COVID-19 vaccine race. If the Canadian pace does not slow down, the country’s immunization rate will soon be higher than in the UK.

The success of the Canadian campaign can be explained by the fact that the federal government, in particular, buys large quantities in relation to its population. Efficient communication campaigns and transparency of officials maintain public confidence, Supported by Mary-France Reynolds, Head of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at CHUM.

On the contrary, all elements of the epidemic have been politicized among our neighbors in the south. Rafael Jacob, a researcher associated with the Ral-Tundrand chair, believes that the vaccine is seen as a discriminatory gesture that restricts many Republican voters from complying with public health recommendations. The political impossibility of eliminating health measures and forcing immunizations leaves health officials helpless in the face of millions of citizens who refuse to extend their arms.

Dr. Reynolds says if the pace of vaccination continues like this, Canada could win the prize for the best vaccine campaign in the world in medium-sized countries.

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