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Impeachment: Hunter Biden defends his father

Impeachment: Hunter Biden defends his father

Hunter Biden was expected to be in a secure room at the US Capitol on Wednesday morning, where he was scheduled to participate in closed-door testimony before members of the House Oversight Committee as part of the impeachment inquiry into his father. Having already seen Republicans on this committee reject his offer to testify publicly, Joe Biden’s son chose to ignore the subpoena against him and held a press conference in front of the Capitol, where he defended himself and his father against attacks by him. “MAGA right.”

“I am here today to ensure that the illegitimate investigations conducted by the parliamentary committee into my family are not based on misrepresentations, manipulated evidence, and lies. And I am here today to admit that I made mistakes in my life and squandered the opportunities and privileges given to me. And for that I am accountable,” Hunter Biden said. I’m making up for it.” “For six years, I have been the target of Trump’s relentless attack machine screaming: ‘Where’s Hunter?’ Well, that’s my answer, here I am. »

He went on to accuse Republicans of “relentlessly lying” about his father. “Let me say this as clearly as possible: My father was not financially involved in my business, neither as a lawyer, nor as a member of the board of directors of Burisma, nor in my partnership with a private Chinese businessman, nor in my investments at home or abroad, and certainly not As an artist.”

It doesn’t matter: House Republicans must hold a vote in the evening to formalize the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden that former House “Speaker” Kevin McCarthy opened last September. Even if some Republicans admit that there is no evidence that Joe Biden took advantage of his son’s business or directed American policies accordingly, they will vote for this “step” desired by Donald Trump, which could lead in the first half of 2024 to his impeachment. For Joe Biden.

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