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Impact on Jesperi Kotkaniemi trust?

Impact on Jesperi Kotkaniemi trust?

In recent days, discussions have raged in Montreal due to Habs’ decision to leave Cole Caufield, Alexander Romanov and Gisbury Kotkaniemi in the stands for the first game of the series against Maple Leafs.

Personally, I would like to see them consistent, but that is not what I will focus on in this text.

In fact, it is on the level of Dominic Ducharme’s statement confirming this K It is currently a crooked nail and we want to straighten it before continuing to click on it.

Earlier in the day, George Laraki and Stephan Gonzalez were arguing about the matter, questioning whether using this analogy would undermine Finn’s confidence.

If I could add my year, I agree more with Laraque on the file.

Even before the regular season ended, we felt the young player’s confidence was very weak. He was unable to find the back of the net and put his name on the recording sheet, and it was clear that he was starting to burden his shoulders.

However, since that time, Laraki points out, Finn has been slapped again in the face when he learns that he will not be training for the first showdown. As if that wasn’t enough, his coach likened him to a crooked nail.

Suppose if Ducharme wanted to rely on his player, a small dose of love would probably be more beneficial seeing him return to the game with confidence.

Is it non-refundable? Probably not, not. After all, we saw K He recovered last year after his time at Laval, who faced similar difficulties last year. Would that flog him and motivate him to make his coach lie? Let’s hope so.

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It sounds like more of a goofy Habs coach, but I could be wrong. Let’s see if Kotkaniemi gets a chance to return to the squad. If this is the case then we’ll see if the KK is a straight nail or more crooked than before.

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