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"I wonder if this is not the end of Dr. Arruda."

“I wonder if this is not the end of Dr. Arruda.”

Mario Dumont wonders about the future of Dr. Horacio Arruda at the head of the National Directorate of Public Health. Yesterday, the government took new measures regarding Wearing a mask outside. Our political columnist argues that Quebec’s public health strongman failed to explain his decisions to the population, with supporting evidence.

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“At the one o’clock in the afternoon press conference, I thought it would scientifically explain the wearing of the visor for two,” confirms our political columnist.

According to him, Dr Arruda should be playing an educational role at a press conference. He should have used charts, tables, and even a small video while simulating droplets in the air, in order to explain the reason for these new, more restrictive health measures.

“A couple walking, he has to put on his mask, and as soon as he gets home, he will be a friend, and it will be legal. Is the public health gain from passing the mask to two people greater than the disgust you create that will make a lot of people respect measures that will reduce their disgust?” I’m not sure Of government victory. Mario Dumont insists, if you take an action that is so disturbing that it is difficult to accept and seems paradoxical, you have to explain it well.

Dr. Arruda was unable to provide the beginning of the explanation. Mario Dumont says: “The dissatisfaction this will cause and his inability to explain, I wondered yesterday, if this is not the end of Dr. Arruda.”

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The latter even mentions what he would do with a public health professional if he were prime minister.

“Dr. Arruda has spent a year in one of the toughest jobs. If there’s one job you don’t want, it’s to find yourself as a public health manager in the midst of a pandemic. [le Dr Arruda] I was given a lot, but … if only I were Francois Legault … “, he falls.

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