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"I want to have fun" - Guillaume Lemay - Theverge

“I want to have fun” – Guillaume Lemay – Theverge

Recently, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge dreamed that he plays in it Mission: Impossible. Once awake, the 45-year-old comedian created a capsule that showcased the different types of stunts he could perform, approaching Tom Cruise directly to offer his services. But in the end, he never sent the video. “I told myself that if Tom had to call me, I would have to refuse because my schedule is too busy!”

Several projects dominate Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge’s 2021 agenda. One of them is called masked singers, one of the most anticipated novelties of the fall on television.

In this modification in Quebec of the South Korean format titled The king of the masked singer, characters known to the general public take the stage and perform vocal performances dressed in extravagant costumes (black turkey, poutine, etc.) to prevent us from guessing their true identity.

As host, the actor leads a panel of five-star investigative judges, who each week will try to unravel these funny amulets.

The interview took place in magazineGuillaume Lemay-Thivierge admits that he hesitated for a long time before accepting Productions Déferlantes’ offer (SoundAnd star Academy) and value added tax.

“I discussed with people close to me, related to the actor, he met in Montreal at the end of the shoot to accompany this article. They made me realize that as viewers, especially this year, we just needed to have fun and stop thinking. And masked singers, that’s perfect for that: It’s pure entertainment, and that’s not mean. It’s good to fall into something fun like this. “

in the top 5

Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge seems to be gaining a foothold at the helm masked singers. The most pessimistic would say that as an actor, a star killing (1985) has known how to feign emotions for several decades.

But the sheer enthusiasm he talks about for the show is sincere… and surprisingly infectious.

“This is one of the most triads in which I participated! The facilitator releases enthusiastically. In the top five of the most fun places, that’s for sure! “


The team behind the show, which includes director Luke Sirois (live from the universe), increases Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge’s happiness tenfold. Another important factor: the name Emily Beggin, his wife, appears in the credits. The singer and mother of Theodore, their four-year-old son, is assisted by director Genevieve Dorion Cobal.

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Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge is pleased to have them, because in the past few years the father of the family has chosen his projects largely because of the people associated with them.

“I need to have fun. That day, I was meeting with a director to talk about a role. She told me, ‘I’ll tell you the story…’ I stopped her right away by saying, ‘No, don’t tell me the story.’ Instead tell me who we work with. Who are the people who will be around me? “At the beginning of my career, I attached great importance to the characters I was going to play, whereas today, this is the last case that matters to me. I am no longer in it. What matters is the team.”

“For me, the key is that I need to feel like I’m going to have fun. I’m an eternal teenager. I’m a guy who needs to have fun. It can’t be an unpleasant workload. If that’s the case, I’ll go straight away. I’m ready to break contracts, even if that It means losing money.”

great predictions

This fall, TVA relies heavily on masked singers To confirm its position at the top of the ratings chart. According to the first released photos, the network used heavy artillery to turn its novelty into an instant success.

According to Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, victory is guaranteed.

” Understood Cali After the first rehearsals. Sound Québécoise has become a standard in the world. masked singers You will do the same. The scenography, the lighting, the costumes… It’s really impressive. People will be like, “Okay, let’s see! What’s that?” I know we’re going to break high scores. “

“I watched the French and American versions,” the host continues. The French speak a lot. It has no end. They can’t go beyond saying they don’t believe it. They do a two hour show, but after an hour I get tired of it. As for the American show, everything is in very good shape. Replicas are ready. Everything is coordinated. We are a mixture of the two. We set things up, but we can also be spontaneous. It’s the best of both worlds. “

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There is a value added tax masked singers From Sunday at 6.30 pm


in a masked singersGuillaume Lemay-Thivierge heads a panel of five investigative judges who will try to unmask the star competitors. We asked the actor and host to comment on each.

Anouk Minniere

“In addition to being beautiful as a heartthrob, she knows artists a lot! She has a very personal analytical style. She makes deals we’d never think of. And every time she suggests a name, we like: Oh yeah!”

Sam Britton

No matter what he says, we love him. He’s a really nice guy. He doesn’t mean he’s not mean. He can be hard to follow, but I love his sense of humor. In his analyses, he can come up with really funny silly cries, and right after, he can It comes out with something pertinent tripartite At the end of ! ”

Marc Debray

“Mark is a keen ear, the answer, the heat. He’s the guy you want on your team. He’s a gangster. He’s a family guy. He’s a uniform. He’s an athlete in analysis.”

Veronique Desire

“With Véronic, we’re in another place. In a completely different world. She appreciates performances. At all levels. Is the costumes beautiful? She gets up. Do you think she recognizes sound? She gets up. Something comes to move it? She gets up.”

Stephen Rossio

“He is a man I admire a lot. I think he has all the talent. He is a race horse. You can always count on him. He can bounce back from anything.”

Back to the post

Again this year, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge should be directing a few episodes of District 31. For the actor, being behind the lens of popular police dramas is a matter of physical and mental training.

“I love being in that state. I love the adrenaline. And I especially love working with these good actors. They are the racehorses, the whole gang.”

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In 2019, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge joined the District 31. All after a call from Fabien Laroche, producer of the popular TV series. The couple seems to have a harmonious professional relationship, but this is not a long, calm river.

“When you send the edited episodes to Fabian, you never know… Sometimes you reply: ‘It’s so good!’ Other times you answer: “What is that?”

field man

Although he enjoys directing, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge does not think he will make his own film. The owner of all professions, who still has a skydiving school, says he lacks the patience to accomplish such a feat.

“I’m not Jan England. I’m not Xavier Dolan. I’m a woodcutter. Do I want to make a film? Of course. But the stage of funding from foundations is impatient. When they ask me to describe my approach, to describe my vision… I have no patience for that. I Field man.”

message to haters

Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge doesn’t just animate masked singers This fall. With Emily Beggin, the adventure continues If we love each other, this documentary reality in love with TVA in which sexologist Louise Seguin accompanies single people who want to break their behavior in relationships.

On each show, the star couple comments on the progress of the participants, who usually make viewers interact a lot. Last spring, a female candidate named Brigitte was attacked by several netizens on Facebook and Twitter, a behavior the actor deplores. “When you go after someone who is brave enough to show their vulnerability and open up to an offer that I think serves far more than it does, it saddens me. Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, who was never the type to break into social networks to deliver his messages, chose to ignore these ugly comments.

“I have no energy to waste trying to impress people who are mean, mean, ill-intentioned and narrow-minded. Either way, I have stopped reading the comments because they affect me. And I have never been able to respond. I am not Guy A. Lepage.”

There is a value added tax If we love each other From Monday to Thursday at 7:30 pm