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“I never heard my father say that Mina Sun would be our legacy,” attests the daughter of one of the founders

“I never heard my father say that Mina Sun would be our legacy,” attests the daughter of one of the founders

In an interview with ExhibitionPatricia Roy is categorical: Her father has given no indication that Minassen represents his family heritage. “I don’t know what they are basing that on,” she responded when speaking about the five officials’ argument. The latter is being sued by non-profit organizations in the area for dissolving the organization behind Mena Sun and sharing the profits from the sale of the building.

In their defence, René Saint-Amant, Michel Fortin, Patrick Fortin, Jocelyn Morissette, and Serge Dubois cited certain family connections to the founders, including the fact that Serge Dubois's father, Roland Dubois, co-founded Mena Sun.

“It was always clear to Serge Dubois that the initial project of the founders was to complete the agreement with CMHC [Société canadienne d’hypothèques et de logement] and ultimately benefit from the assets of Mena Sun at the end of the contract,” the legal documents stated in particular.

Robert Roy and Hilaire Gagnon

For Patricia Roy, there are actually two main characters among the initial fifteen partners. They are Robert Roy and Hilaire Gagnon. Mr. Gagnon was going to make the agreement with CMHC possible and Mr. Roy was the “visionary” of the project, according to his daughter.

“He was passionate about seniors. He always wanted the well-being of these people,” says Patricia Roy, for whom the project's main goal was to provide an “enriched living environment” for seniors.

“He didn't think there was anything left for him to do after retirement,” she testified. She is also saddened by the impact of the end of the nonprofit for senior residents.

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She emphasizes that neither her mother nor she received anything after the sale, and wonders what will happen to the families of all the people involved in the creation of Minasen if the inheritance thesis turns out to be established.

“The goal was to stand the test of time. We are stepping back from something that was put in place for the well-being of people. […] It's a shame!”, she also reacts when talking about the sale, which according to her should never have happened.