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"I just want my life back, it's been thirteen years and that's enough," Britney Spears launched

“I just want my life back, it’s been thirteen years and that’s enough,” Britney Spears launched

Singer Britney Spears, who described herself as “depressed” and “traumatized,” on Wednesday asked a Los Angeles court to lift conservatism she has been in since 2008 as a result of mental disorders, depriving her of a great deal. independence.

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“I just want to resume my life, it’s been thirteen years and that’s enough,” fired the pop star, who spoke, at his request, during an online hearing.

Britney Spears spoke without interruption for more than twenty minutes, with a very rapid flow and a sequence of arguments to ask Judge Brenda Penny to lift this court action that makes her “more harm than good.”

She fired “I really think this oversight is offensive.” “I told the world that I am happy and that I am fine,” the 39-year-old added, but “I am shocked.” “I’m not happy, I can’t sleep. She insisted I was very angry, emphasizing ‘crying every day’.”

Britney Spears was placed under guardianship in 2008, having descended into Hell at the time. The conditions are very strict and stipulate that decisions about the singer are taken in particular by her father, Jamie Spears, with whom she has a long difficult relationship.

These arrangements have been hotly disputed in recent years, and Britney Spears’ attorney recently asked the court to replace Jamie Spears with the professional trustee who is currently co-managing her case with her father.

On Wednesday, the singer also criticized the position of her family, including her father, in this matter. “My family didn’t do anything at all,” she said.

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Her court-appointed lawyer, Samuel Ingham, had already said in court that the singer “fears her father”, but this is the first time the young woman has made such violent statements in public.

In a brief statement read out in court, Jamie Spears said he was “sorry to see her in such pain” and said he loved his daughter “so much.”

Although he is sometimes on social networks to keep in touch with his fans, the star has so far refrained from publicly discussing his guardianship or his difficult relationship with his father. She told the judge on Wednesday that she did not know she had the right to request that the measure be lifted.

According to the court documents he cited The New York TimesHowever, Britney Spears has repeatedly expressed her strong opposition to the terms of her guardianship system.

“She said she felt that guardianship had become an oppressive means of controlling it,” she wrote in a report dated 2016 and a forensic investigator in charge of the case.

According to the report carried by the daily, Britney Spears told the detective that she wants to end this guardianship system as soon as possible. The document continues: “I’m tired of being exploited” and says that it is she who works and brings money, but she pays for everyone around her.

The The New York Times It guarantees, for example, that under this guardianship, the singer must pay not only her own legal fees, but also the fees of the guardians, which are very large, who contest her claims in court.

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All this controversy has only served to revive the #FreeBritney (#LibérezBritney in French) campaign organized on the street and on social networks by some fans, convinced that the singer is being held against her will under supervision and is sending encrypted calls on her Instagram account. .

On Wednesday, dozens of them were present in court to show their support for their idol.

Au cours de la longue période de dépression qui a suivi sa demande de divorce avec Kevin Federline en 2006, et la perte de la garde de ses enfants en 2007, on a notamment pu voir Britney Spears pieds nus à une station-service o se rasant skull.

Her tenure did not prevent the artist from continuing professional activity: she released three albums and gave a series of residencies in Las Vegas, and also appeared in some TV shows.

But in January 2019, it announced that it would suspend its artistic activities until further notice.