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“The Masked Singers”: The role of the puppet to be revealed

“The Masked Singers”: The role of the puppet to be revealed

WARNING: This transcript contains spoilers for the November 5 episode of Masked singers.

Sam Britton, Veronique Dekaire and fellow detective Anouk Meunier guessed the identity of the star hiding in the doll, a character that was revealed on Sunday’s “Masked Singers.”

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With photos provided by VAT.

Did you also guess that it was actress and entrepreneur Mahi Payment who brought the doll to life? The 47-year-old had a lot of fun entertaining us.

Photos courtesy of TVA.

This episode brought back the Wolf, who made a notable — and surprising — entry into the competition last week during the Halloween special.

We revealed a new piece of evidence at the end of his performance on Queen’s “I Want to Break Free,” as he brought the memory box. Well, it was Claudette Dionne, at least, who was hiding inside!

Photos courtesy of TVA.

Le Chaéléon and Mutante Rita also performed during the evening, led by Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge.

Veronique Dekaire on stage

Véronic DiCaire also displayed an impressive number after being given carte blanche to push the note.

Photos courtesy of TVA.

She sang the song “Ode to the Beauty of the World” accompanied by Adeline Kerry, a 9-year-old dancer, in addition to the costumes of the previous seasons, namely Planchon, Metal Original, Papillon and Super. Beaver.

We’ll celebrate the 80s next Sunday

Next week, the ’80s will be in the spotlight in terms of looks and songs in the hugely diverse set. You can even see the DeLorean from the movie “Back to the Future.” A star from this decade will also arrive on set to cover one of his classics.

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