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“I don’t know if I’ll jump again”: A skydiver gets tangled in power cables

A California skydiver came close to disaster on Monday after he got caught in power lines while skydiving.

According to KNBC television, the unidentified skydiver missed the planned landing area in Riverside County in the United States when he got caught in power lines.

“I was trying to avoid that power line, then I turned right and ended up on the other power line,” she said.

“I don’t know if I’ll jump again. Most likely not.”

In a series of tweets, Riverside County firefighters said they were able to remove the woman using an air ladder. After the rescue, she was evaluated and reportedly refused further medical treatment.

“She was disoriented, and she turned in the wrong direction. She got stuck on top of an electric pole with power lines, and she was hanging right next to the transformer,” Jeff Roberts of the Lake Elsinore Fire Department told SF Gate.

The firefighter told SF Gate it was the second time in a year that they had responded to a call involving a paratrooper and power lines.

– According to people

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