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Artificial intelligence: a six-month break?

Leading figures in the world of artificial intelligence, including Elon Musk, posted this week’s symposium as a cry of alarm.

What do they tell us? The explosion of artificial intelligence in recent months, and its permeation into our daily lives, as we’ve seen in chat programs like GPT4, is what makes us need to take a break for a few months just to know roughly where we are.


Because, the signatories of this forum have told us, colonizing our societies with artificial intelligence could severely displace them.

It also runs the risk of increasing confusion between right and wrong, to the point of disrupting all our mental landmarks. Artificial intelligence could create an “artificial reality” tomorrow, which would replace our reality without us even realizing it.

It can also replace countless workers in the professional world. We understand the legitimate panic of all those who will suddenly be declared useless.

It was explained that this machine would be able, and indeed could, write honest novels, appropriate screenplays, and pass very difficult entrance exams at the largest schools.

Ultimately, AI could obsolete humans, as if they were nothing more than obsolete technology in front of machines capable of mental operations infinitely superior to theirs. As if man programmed his disappearance, or at least agreed that he was nothing more than the dead forest of the history of progress.


Is it really up to the oligarchy of new technologies to try out the fates of humanity from now on?

Are we really going to agree to this transhumanism? Or is it not necessary to put democratic and moral beacons on what could lead to alienation as we have not witnessed in human history? But can we stop or even regulate such technological advances? The question haunts us.

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