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'I Can't Pretend Anymore': Sam Britton has canceled the rest of his tour for health reasons

'I Can't Pretend Anymore': Sam Britton has canceled the rest of his tour for health reasons

Sam Britton has canceled the rest of his tour for his first solo show To the top and to the shovel For health reasons. The comedian made the announcement on social media on Wednesday evening.

And in a poignant post, the one we also saw Masked singers He explains that it was accumulated fatigue that led to this sudden cancellation:

“I was honestly hoping that I would have the energy to deal with the symptoms to complete this self-imposed round. But now, I can't pretend anymore. Sometimes in life you have to know how to walk away. With a lump in my throat, I have to finish this The tour suddenly follows the recommendations of health professionals.

To the top and to the shovel It was launched just before the pandemic. “I invested everything I had inside of me into this show,” the comedian wrote. What an honor to launch it publicly in January 2020. This project was quickly disrupted by the pandemic. Despite the cancellations, shows moved and shows held in front of restricted audiences to respect health standards – etc. – I continued to believe in my show and hope to have a “normal” tour.

Exhausted, Sam Britton now intends to rest. “Getting a few months off is essential to allow me to regain all my energy. If there is any disappointment in not being able to complete the final three months of my tour, let them know it out there.” [a] Also a lot of pride. To the top and to the shovelIt's 556 displays of pure happiness that have taught me a lot about myself.

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wave of'love

The post sparked thousands of kind comments, including many from the art community.

Comedian Pierre Hebert wrote: “My friend! It's good to listen to yourself! I am proud of you and I love you!

Artist Marc Hervieu added: “Relax, relax! It's good to hear from you.”

Comedian Guillaume Pinault also left a comment: “I love you, my friend, it's good that you listen to yourself and have something to be very proud of. For your friend Pin, you are a real source of inspiration. »

“5 years of shows! The whole of Quebec has seen it at least once! I was very touched by your words. I hope you find the rest you deserve, my friend. “Xxxxxxx,” wrote comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt.

On Sam Britton's website, we can read the message: “Ticket holders will be contacted by the performance halls to process a refund.” to More detailshe is here.

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