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Huot Group: Airmedic is protecting itself from its creditors

Huot Group: Airmedic is protecting itself from its creditors

Medical Assistance and Air Transport Company Airmedic is subject to the Corporate Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA).

It went on sale just over a month ago, in the wake of the financial disaster of the Huot group and its owner, Stéphan Huot.

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The rescue action should allow Airmedic to continue development and obtain approval for transactions or arrangements with its creditors.

“Airmedic is a thriving business and an essential link in the healthcare system. Executing a deal in the coming weeks will allow us to focus on our growth and development projects,” commented CEO Sophie La Rochelle.

When it was put up for sale, Airmedic “confirmed it was looking for strategic investors or buyers,” in a statement to TVA Nouvelles. However, the company declined to comment on potential buyers.

According to information obtained by our Bureau of Investigation, some companies have shown interest in acquiring Airmedic, beginning with ambulance company Dessercom, which has its main office in Levis.

Without confirming or denying this information, Dessercom then indicated via email that it had a “growth plan” and was looking at “several alternatives” in order to diversify its sources of income into the health field.

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