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Hugo Pop!  |  Survivor takes off in a (woven bamboo) rug!

Hugo Pop! | Survivor takes off in a (woven bamboo) rug!

A tackle on the opposing team, an almost shocking theft of equipment, medics in deep trouble, revenge-fueled resentment, crushing heatstrokes and alliances formed quickly, quickly, quickly, the first episode of Survivor Quebec 2 It takes on the same accelerating tempo as the voice of its host, Patrice Belanger.

As with this white rice bowl, a lot of it can be made in 90 minutes. Noovo will carry this packed episode on Sunday at 8 p.m., right after either Charles Hamlin or Danick Martino wins the Celebrity Big Brother.

At the end of the show, Tribal Council, which serves to eliminate the player who is least useful to his team, is carried out in a chaotic and panicked manner. Who do we vote for and who is targeting her? Come on, say her name! The pleading eyes of the pack meet the eyes of their self-proclaimed leader, who is leading the charge against someone deemed a troublemaker.

He negotiates hard. Rarely have we seen so much whispering and negotiating so early in the 42-day game, in the dense jungle of the Philippines.

The twenty new outcasts (ten men and ten women) also appear very quickly. A competitor, Audrey, 36, a fashion entrepreneur from Plainville, immediately defines herself as “the number one fashion villain.” Quebec survivors In front of the camera, what attracts her is her radiant side: “Laser, injections, pedicure and eyelash lift,” she laughs. “I’m ready for adventure.”

Annabelle, a 35-year-old comedian and environmental technologist who stands 6'4″, has an IQ of 157. Red flag! to Quebec survivorsSocial intelligence is often more important than logical-mathematical intelligence, let's not forget that.

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The mayor of Amos, Sebastian d'Astous, 47, is in very good condition. On the other hand, he hides his profession as a politician from his comrades, and does not want to carry the title of “Mr. Mayor” throughout the season. Many other candidates will emulate him by remaining silent about entire areas of their personal or professional lives, so as not to paint a giant target on their backs.

Dominic, 29, a video game streamer on Twitch, describes himself as an obsessed fan of dragons and wizards, but also a huge irresponsible sloth. He's a tough little guy whose goofy personality can play some nasty tricks on him.

Another “character” stands out from the crowd: Olivier, 33, from Jonquière, a painter who wears a big straw hat and a fast red fire truck. Olivier tries to remain silent and blend into the background, which proves to be a miserable failure.

Two retirees have been chosen for the second edition of this popular reality show from Noovo. 65-year-old Andre, from Mirabel, is so passionate about life that he has lost all his teeth (he proudly displays his dentures in the first episode). Caroline, 59, a Lac Beauport resident, has run a half marathon, does CrossFit three times a week, and has climbed Mount Everest Base Camp. Caroline, known as the legend, is the mother of Sansdric Lavoie, a singles starDouble occupancy bali.

Among the strong faces of the 2024 vintage are 32-year-old Jean-Michel, a highly competitive psychology teacher from Moncton, New Brunswick, as well as Ghislain, 29-year-old real estate tycoon and father of three young children, Vaudreuil Dorion. These two will be worth watching. Ghislain Jean could become a junior this season, without the mentor aspect.

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Like Joel last year, Raphael, 26, from Saint Therese, is a “super fan” of Survivor He even hosts a podcast dedicated to his huge passion for reality TV.

A top-level swimmer, Florence, 24, works as a “cognitive coach.” A job that sounds good on a show where you have to persuade and manipulate. Desnaig, 33, a communications consultant from Montreal, is the country's first person with a disability Quebec survivors : She was born with one missing forearm.

This year, the blue bands are playing for the Bayani tribe and the orange bands are competing for the Nawa clan. In the first seconds of the bonus event, the tension rises and the low hits – like never before Survivor Quebec – are exchanged.

Most importantly in an immunity challenge, we deal with setbacks, exhaustion, and the epic culmination that leaves us pumping potatoes.

As Patrice Belanger would say in his green military safari shirt: Welcome Quebec survivors ! Add slow motion footage captured with a drone here.

I'm soaring in the air

With the final Red bracelets To value added tax

It doesn't make sense to bring so many tears to our eyes in 60 minutes. No joke, I had puffy eyes for 24 hours. The scene where the Bangles tenderly bid farewell to Justin (Antoine Lecuyer) was heartbreaking. This final episode was also full of light with the brave and smiling Felix (Anthony Therrien) finally forgiving after four years of suffering. A brilliant finale caps off a very poignant final season (sign of heart with hands).

I avoid that

Star renewals

Don't get me wrong. I love Kristin Beaulieu on TV (Long Live Eye of the storm), Beatrice Martin in my ears and Marie-Eve Janvier on the radio. And from there to following these artists in renovations that were never simple, what a mess! In their apartment, chalet or house, I'm tempted to do it. No thanks to their minor problems for people who are very financially comfortable. If I were so ill-intentioned, I would point out the “bad timing” of these offers, which come at a time when Quebec is experiencing an unprecedented housing crisis. But I wouldn't go there anyway.

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