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Moved to tears, Jean-Marc Genereau introduces his wife live on Dancing with the Stars

Moved to tears, Jean-Marc Genereau introduces his wife live on Dancing with the Stars

Years after he mentioned it dancing with the stars, Finally, Jean-Marc Genereux introduced his wife, France, to viewers and his colleagues. She was so impressed, he even did some dance steps with her.

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On Friday, March 29, tears flowed onto the floor Dancing with the stars. Candidates were invited to take on a new challenge: prepare choreography involving a third person, which is only revealed during the live broadcast. Anthony Collette saw the arrival of his mother, Lawrence, which affected him deeply. When it was Black M's turn to take to the track, he was joined by his wife, Léa Djadja. The 39-year-old rapper had tears in his eyes: It was a wonderful moment. I want to do it again all the time! Among the jurors and nominees, the moment also brought tears. Jean-Marc Genereux, in particular, wanted to say a few words: “I'm jealous. You know, between my career as an acrobat and my wife who spends her life taking care of our daughter, I don't do that with France anymore…”

Jean-Marc Genereux's wife did not plan to be the center of attention

With tears in his eyes, the popular TF1 judge got up to pick up his wife sitting in the audience. Then viewers finally discovered France. Jean-Marc Genereux's wife, red-haired and bespectacled, agreed to do some dance steps next to the jury desk. But no further than that! While everyone ordered them to dance on the floor, France sat down again and Jean-Marc Genereux revealed: “She will kill me! I am clinging to my life!” she told me: “But why did you do that?”

Jean-Marc Genereux met his wife when he was still in elementary school

Jean-Marc Genereux, lively in public, remains relatively secretive about his private life. He said in previous interviews that he met his wife when they were only 9 years old. Because she loved dancing and he hoped to tempt her by sharing his passion, Al-Kindi became involved in this specialty. At the age of 13, their efforts paid off and the duo officially became a couple, which continues today. France and Jean-Marc Genereux participated together in dance competitions around the world, which they won. They are also the parents of two children, born in 1996 and 1999.

Article written in collaboration with 6Médias