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Hoy: Putting pedestrians and cyclists in the same place is “unimaginable”, Gracq condemns

Hoy: Putting pedestrians and cyclists in the same place is “unimaginable”, Gracq condemns

The lights on the Baudouin Bridge in Hue are doomed to disappear. Therefore, Genetec is responsible for installing the LED lighting integrated into the stone balustrade of the bridge. Fake old sconces (dating back twenty years) will be removed. the reason ? A bicycle path will be built on the bridge platforms, to connect the railway lines on the two banks. The impact of the luminaires on the sidewalks was so great that they had to be removed.

A decision that does not satisfy everyone. And in particular at the local Hut Gracq, the daily cyclists research and action group. “We’ve been thinking about this pavement track for a long timeexplains Lillian Schner, the local coordinator. We find it risky to have a cyclist and a pedestrian coexist. Indeed, pedestrians do not walk straight and go at their own pace. The cyclist goes faster. This will create an inevitable conflict.” This endangers the safety of pedestrians. Gracq goes further: it’s time for Huy to give cyclists a place. “There are three lanes of traffic on the bridge, and there is a way to create a bicycle lane without dangers on both sides of the bridge. It is unimaginable that we can put two categories of people traveling together in this way.”

Gracq asked to participate in the last meeting of the Regional Mobility Committee but was refused. “We have been offered an active movement meeting, and we are awaiting the date.” Lillian Schner is more than surprised by the pedestrian and cyclist path project because in 2020, “The engineer in charge of the Hui region wasn’t aware of this. And then, all of a sudden, they say the sconces are being removed to make room…” Sharing the sidewalk for cyclists and pedestrians will not work. And then, “The more space we give to motorists, the more they will consume…”