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A sci-fi story of Chiaroscuro distinguished by its performance and cinematography

A sci-fi story of Chiaroscuro distinguished by its performance and cinematography

No spoilers

Amazon Prime Video has just released a new series on its platform. It’s Night Sky and features shows from JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek.

JKSimmons and Sissy Spacek star in Night Sky© Amazon Prime VideoJKSimmons and Sissy Spacek star in Night Sky

The Science Fiction It has such a magnetic force that it is difficult to explain. It is even if the story is, in most cases, far from reality, if it is well organized and written, it can become a great audiovisual piece. Of course, we must add to this the way in which work is done on aesthetics, photography and special effects, three basic components of this genre. night sky This is the last series released in Amazon Prime Video And the course of this kind of stories is determined.

The show follows the life of a couple in their seventies who live in a secluded home in Illinois, United States. But behind their seemingly calm lives, they hide a strange and mysterious secret: they use a portal to teleport to an unknown world that has nothing to do with Earth.

One of the first things to notice night sky is to use multilanguage. The series is spoken in both English and Spanish and, by the way, isn’t usually seen in many streaming productions. The show uses both languages ​​because there are two stories that coexist in very distant places. While we have Erin and Franklin in the US, Stella and Tony live in Argentina. Each of the scenarios is vital to the story and will also allow the viewer to immerse themselves in their daily life. It should be noted here, of course, a photo Andrew Weedy, Pablo Desanzo yes Ashley Connor It’s great and I’m playing a key role in the series.

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However, although this group is as interesting as it is special, the plot is not very clear and it is difficult to understand what its goals are. However, at the end of Episode 2, a small window opens, where the story begins to take on more color, or at least a lot of mystery unfolds.

night sky It has great visual work and also in its text some emotional scenes are allowed. In this sense, the point is mainly for its Academy-winning champions, Sisi yes JK Simmons, who succeeds in conveying the love that the spouses feel that it is time to separate. The two build a strong, tender and committed bond that is also included as one of the series’ highlights. On the other hand, Juliette Zellberger yes Rossio Hernandez They do the same in this difficult but very close mother-daughter bond, which throughout the episodes will be a great inspiration.

The series contains eight episodes in total and was created by Holden Miller and Daniel C. Connolly. In addition, he has a title Jean Joseph CampanellaOscar winner for the secret of his eyesand Philip Martin.

In conclusion, for fans of science fiction, night sky It’s going to be a fun story, if a little confusing at times. No obstante, se requerirá paciencia porque con tiempo, se irá generando en los capítulos atmósferas de más intriga en las que, sin dudas, uno se quedará con ganas de ver más, de saber lo que ocurre cuys cuys sons Character.

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