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Bjorg is launching a new range of vegan drinks

Bjorg is launching a new range of vegan drinks

Having enticed consumers with its plant-based drinks without added sugars such as almonds, oats, soy or coconut, Bjorg is developing a new range of products.

To offer plant-based beverage consumers more choice, Bjorg is expanding its range by introducing two new beverages: 3 Walnuts, chestnuts and oats. The BIO brand has been a reference in plant-based beverages for many years.

With its diverse range, Bjorg lets you do just that Enjoy a delicious bowl of cereal For breakfast or treat yourself to cooking new recipes using vegan drinks. This alternative to cow’s milk has no added sugars and carries a Planet A rating, which makes it special Respect the environment.

3 Nuts: a vegetable drink that can be eaten hot or cold

Currently on sale, the new Bjorg vegan drinks, 3 nuts, chestnuts and oats, are available in 1 liter volume to accompany you every day. these 100% Vegan Drinks It is particularly appreciated for its relatively mild taste and will delight young and old alike. Among their new range of vegan drinks, you can find in particular the 3-nut formula that contains 2% hazelnut, 1% almond and 0.5% macadamiaWhich gives it an intense taste that goes well with the cereal. Although all of Bjorg’s vegan drinks are free of added sugars, so is the new 3 Nuts formula. Low in saturated fatty acids. In addition, it can be eaten hot or cold as desired. With its new range of vegan drinks, Bjorg hopes to convince many more consumers to try this ethical alternative.

A vegan drink with chestnuts and oats to wake up your taste buds

Perfectly combined The sweetness of oats And the slightly spicy taste of chestnut, Bjorg proves once again that plant-based drinks can be original and a real alternative to cow’s milk. Whether you want to try this new vegan smoothie for breakfast, as a snack or in one of your secret recipes, Chestnuts and Oats will be your best ally. Once you make your kids taste pancakes or pancakes made with a vegetable drink, they will definitely love it. equipped a High percentage of waterAnd this drink in particular as well wetting. So, what are you waiting for to discover the new collection from Bjorg?

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About Borg

Bjorg was created in 1988 in Saint-Genis-Laval, near Lyon A leading brand in the organic farming products sector. The French brand works specifically to preserve the environment and animals by offering only organic products of plant origin. The brand also strives to preserve the health of every consumer, and makes careful selection Nutrient-rich ingredients In order to design plant-based drinks and organic products that meet all your body’s needs. And today, Bjorg counts More than 200 products to its credit : vegan drinks, cookware, breads and pies, cookies and even organic cereals; It intends to continue developing it in order to adapt to everyone’s tastes. Certified B Corp™, introduces the brand next High quality organic products While working for the benefit of the international community by defending the environment and the animal cause.